Hotel na Arabia Saudita
A empresa Vetor-3, vence novo concurso.
Revestimentos de paredes e pavimento em ...
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Obra em Calcario Nacional na Russia
A nossa empresa concluio projecto inovador, para o ...
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Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh
The project calls for construction of a new university for women. The university is expected to ...
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Established in 1996 Vetor-3 it´s a family owned company whose members have a large experience in the marble field.

Located in the area of Pero Pinheiro (30 Km far from Lisbon) our main activity is the exportation of marbles being most of all production ( more or less 90% of our capacity) addressed to the Middle East and North of Europe markets.

In our factory we have an advanced waterjet and CNC milling tecnologies which offer exceptional quality and production capabilities that are unmatched in our industry.

In our works we normally use the finest marbles that we import from all over the world. From large floors, wallcladdings, staircases and stone inlays to kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities ( deluxe marble bathing tubes, showers and wash-basins) no matter how complex or simple the design, our highly trained staff will work with you to complete your project successfully.

Very recently we have joined to an architectural team (A.CM Architects) enabling us to achieve better final results no matter how difficult the project are.


Tel: 00351 219674198

Fax: 00351 219674199

Email: vetor3@mail.telepac.pt